Indonesian Food and Beverage Products

In everyday life we often consume food and beverages, especially in the form of packaged products. Moreover, we often see advertisements for these food and beverage products on television. It indirectly makes us interested in the product and want to buy it.

Buying packaged food and beverage products is not difficult in this day and age. We can buy it at the shop, the nearest minimarket, market, supermarket and much more. Unexpectedly, these food and beverage products also managed to win over consumers to the world stage.

In addition to successful promotions, Indonesian food and beverage products also have good taste and quality for competitive selling. The following are examples of Indonesian food and beverage products that have been worldwide.

TORACI Tomato Candied

Toraci is a processed food made from tomatoes, making candied tomatoes a taste of love, even though from tomatoes, but the shape and color resembles dates with a sweet and sour taste, without preservatives, with premium and quality ingredients, as a dry food snack that has been dried in the sun in a long process.

  • Flavor Variant : Original
  • Weight : 150 grams

Kopihot Coffee

Kopihot Coffee is a blend of robusta coffee with ginger, pasak bumi, purwoceng. Packaged in instant form in sachets with separate sugar. With separate sugar, it can be arranged in the use of sugar.

  • 1 pouch contains 5 sachets
  • Shelf life 8 months
  • Unit Weight : 150 grams

Pineapple Chips

Pineapple chips are a typical Malang snack
Made from fresh Pineapple, which is processed by vacuum frying.
Hygienic & Halal.

Net : 100 gr
Packaging : aluminum foil

Expiration : 12 months
Tight packaging so that the crispness and original taste of the fruit is maintained.
Have a distribution permit from the Health Service (PIRT), Nutrition Fact and HALAL certificate.

Suitable for souvenirs, family snacks and can also be used as a companion to drink tea or coffee during overtime.

Please enjoy immediately after opening the package. If it's still left, it can be stored in an airtight jar / place to keep it crispy. 

A variety of delicious and delicious flavors present in this healthy snack provide a full-flavoured snacking sensation. Enjoy your special snack time and your family without feeling upset and worried with Levina fruit chips at Tokomu12. Let's buy now before it runs out.

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